BETA Spaces
November 2008

"NOW: On View"

Curated by Krista Saunders
Photos by Leonidas Alexandropoulos

"NOW: On View" curated by Krista Saunders was part of BETA Spaces 2008 (Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces); it thrived in the moment and space provided.  The opposite of a site-specific venture, the latest iteration unfolded throughout the day within a non-descript street in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Consisting of 6 artist projects that were each on view for a brief duration of time, "NOW: On View" was activated by both the artists and passers-by who chose to watch and/or engage in the piece when appropriate.

I collaborated with passerbys to create a tree tapestry woven from an assortment of plastic bags; this interlacing was inspired by another piece that artist Lina Puerta and I created and were invited to share with Craft magazine through an article written by the amazing environmental/cultural instigator and friend Wendy Tremayne.  I removed the piece I had created for BETA Spaces at the end of the day, marking the deinstallation of my exhibition.  The following summer, this piece traveled and grew in Governors Island as part of FIGMENT '09.

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