Bronx Blue Bedroom Project
2008 - 2010

Initiator and organizer Blanka Amezkua
Photos by Leonidas Alexandropoulos and Roni Mocan

BBBP was a collaborative project that came to fruition with the help of countless artists, friends and local community.  To all who visited, participated or showed interest in the project, I will forever remain thankful.

BBBP was located in my bedroom in Mott Haven, South Bronx.  My intention was to create an intimate art space where contemporary artists exhibited their work in a setting that differed radically from the already established art venues.

From March 2008-December 2009 artists participated in BBBP for the duration of one month.  I asked each artist to offer a workshop in the local community, or to prepare a dinner to be shared with other artists and individuals interested in the arts, during their show.

On March 2010 the Bronx Blue Bedroom Project closed its blue walls and honored everyone's participation and presence with a vivacious panel discussion, which included some BBBP artists, curators, hosted by El Museo del Barrio as part of their VOCES: Conversations with Latino Artists programming.

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