"I am overjoyed by what takes place in the streets, the burst of energy that runs through my body, every time I work there.  I've realized that I have decided to locate my practice in the most exciting and the most menacing area of any metropolis; it's a space where great or dreadful things might occur, but it is also the place where I feel the most universal and the most leveling, away and freed from the material things that belong to me."

For many years, painter, sculptor, installation, and cultural promoter artist Blanka Amezkua explored the power images evoke and inform psychological experiences.  Amezkua used techniques regarded as traditional and domestic in her practice, primarily embroidery and crochet; employing them to address cultural and gender issues; in a complex intersection of domestic practices, popular culture and aesthetic splendor.  Her point of reference was the female iconography depicted in Mexican adult comic books.

In 2008 her studio practice was transformed and nurtured by initiating the Bronx Blue Bedroom Project.  Since then, in addition to creating her own work, she finds herself willingly entwined in outdoor collaborative artistic projects.  In this spirit, she initiated 3///3...three walls on wednesdays... in 2010 and 8 to 8: State of Creative Emergency in 2012.

Directly related to her collaborative outings, she began performing actions, which she calls "Creative Laboring: Working Outside" ( CL : WO ).  These are brief creative aesthetic laborings in the public sphere to be seen by passerbys.  In addition to her CL : WOs, her multifaceted artistic practice has drawn her interest to the physicality and importance of corners in space (internal and external), with the presence/absence of other forms.

Blanka initiated Fo Kia Nou 24/7 in 2014.   It is a creative and dynamic project space for the arts, music, workshops, food, dialogue, residencies, and gatherings in the heart of Athens.  She currently runs AAA3A, an artist run space in her apartment in Mott Haven, South Bronx.